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About Me

Before I became a baker more than 20 years, I had the privilege to enjoy freshly baked dinner rolls at a lovely winter retreat in the picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountains, with the wooden lodge nestled in untouched beauty, the evergreen pine trees lightly covered by new fallen snow and the horses neighing in the nearby stables. Surrounded by good friends and getting a start in growing my faith in Jesus, the smell that greeted us from the kitchen was heavenly … the smell of yeast bread being baked in the oven.

That was when I decided I had to try baking those delicious, soft dinner rolls myself, and thus had asked the cook of the lodge for the recipe (which she hand-wrote from memory). This eventually led me on a long journey in my discovering the joys of baking different kinds of bread and later on, after strong appeals from my beautiful wife and equally beautiful daughter, different types of delectable cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Yes, it was indeed a joy to bake something delicious with your own hands … and it was also a pain, particularly in learning and figuring out for myself how to do it correctly. Many a time on this journey, I had ended up with rock hard bread (which did not rise properly, probably because I had inadvertently killed the all-important dough-raising yeast) and cakes that were too dry (or worse, soggy and undercooked cakes)!

Yes, I did buy tons of books on baking. However, most of them were just compilations of recipes. Thus, I had to scour through all of them and piece together little nuggets of information to come up with the correct techniques for a successful bake. And this is the reason why I have created The Baking Haven … a place where all of the information I had learnt over the years can be shared with other bakers, especially those of you who are just starting out and have no idea what it really means to “knead the dough briefly” or who are not sure as to all the tools you will need for your first baking project.

About The Baking Haven

In the Baking Haven, the most popular recipes are lovingly shared along with equipment checklists and detailed step-by-step instructions. These will help you along on your own journey to baking heaven. And as you get more proficient in baking, get access to the hundreds of recipes for cakes, breads, pies, cookies, cupcakes, biscuits, etc, and meet, interact and share with other like-minded bakers who enjoy this satisfying pursuit of mouthwatering creations in our forums.

So, come on in to our virtual lodge and get comfortable in our Baking Haven!

Cheers to your baking success!
Your fellow baker,

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