The Baking Haven

There is nothing like the wonderful smell of a lovely, delicious cake, a fresh loaf of bread or a beautiful pie being baked in the oven, bringing back fond memories of the contentment and feelings of happiness that simply makes your mouth start to water! Think about having soft slices of white bread lightly buttered and toasted or a moist chocolate cake layered with alternating sponge and buttercream filling that is beautifully decorated with creamy swirls and flowers. Mmm mmmmmm!

Baking is both an art and a science, and is really not difficult to learn. All you need are some tools and equipment … although there are cake recipes that call for other cooking methods such as steaming or being baked in a slow cooker, you will most definitely need a convection oven to make the traditional cakes, breads and pies you are most familiar with. Add in good, quality ingredients (of which flour is the quintessential ingredient for almost all baked goods) and some guidance on the methods and techniques you will need, and you are on the way to baking heaven!

And this is where the Baking Haven can most definitely help you, by providing you with a single place to not only learn about the tools, equipment and ingredients you need for a most successful bake-off at home, but also giving you the tips and techniques so that you can learn the basics and fundamentals of baking as you progress to mastering the art and science of this most scrumptious activity.

So, log in to the Baking Haven and start your journey to make all the cakes, breads, pies and all other types of baked goodies you want.

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